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The Sinclair ZX81

My ZX81 Hardware

As I noted on my ZX81 Overview page, I no longer own a ZX81 - it having been sold to fund my Spectrum purchase back in the day.

Regardless of whether I am able to get hold of examples of all of Memotech's MTX Computer equipment, I had thought for a while that my collection of Memotech hardware could never really be considered "complete" if I didn't include examples of the ZX81 hardware that made Memotech's name.

Other than the occasional look on eBay to see whether there were any reasonably priced examples of Memotech ZX81 hardware, I had not really done anything about it until, in January 2017, Wolfgang Joerger included a couple of ZX81 modules (the Centronics Interface and Hrt Graphics pack) in with the MTX and FDX that he generously sent me.

So, now I have two of the Memopacks, I will make more of an effort to add examples of the rest of the range to my collection.










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