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This page hosts a number of Tektronix technical documents and datasheets as well as user guides etc. I will add more as I find them.


Tektronix TDS200 Specific Documentation

  Document Description Document Reference

Tektronix TSC 200/210/220 Product Datasheet Tektronix 40W-10992-4

Tektronix TDS 200-Series User Manual Tektronix 071-0398-03

Tektronix TDS200 Series Programmer Manual Tektronix 071-0493-01

Tektronix TDS200 Series Extension Modules Tektronix 070-9565-04

Tektronix TDS 200-Series Service Manual Tektronix 071-0492-02

The Tektronix TDS220 - A very brief introduction Dr Wesley Swartz, Cornell University

Beginners Guide to TDS210/220 Oscilloscopes David S. Lay, Dept. Physics, Queens University

Generic Oscilloscope Documentation

The XYZs of Oscilloscopes Tektronix 03W 86056

Pocket Guide to Oscilloscopes Tektronix 3GW 20181 3

The ABC of Probes Tektronix 60W 605312 MR

How to Buy an Oscilloscope Syscomp Electronic Design Limited

Oscilloscope Probes: Theory and Practice  Syscomp Electronic Design Limited

What to look for when choosing an oscilloscope Pico Technology - Application Note

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