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 Programming Tools

A  hand-held programmer (1747-PT1) can be used to program SLC 500 Fixed and SLC 5/01 & 5/02 Modular controllers, but provided that you have access to the RSLogix software, there is probably little point in going down that route. However, if you need it, documentation is still available for the programmer on the Rockwell Automation site :-

The Getting Started Guide for HHT (1747–NM009 Series B -February, 1993)

1747-PT1 Hand Held Terminal User Manual (1747-NP002, Series A - June 1993)


RSLogix is Rockwell Automation's programming software for Allen Bradley PLCs. This Microsoft Windows package comes in a number of versions dependant on the target PLC platform.


Target Hardware
RSLogix 5

Getting Results with RSLogix 5

 PLC 5 (AB Web Site Link)
RSLogix 500

Getting Results with RSLogix 500

 SLC 500 (AB Web Site Link)
RSLogic 5000

Getting Results with RSLogix 5000

 Logix™5000 platforms (AB Web Site Link)

A brief introduction to RSLogix 500 used to program my SLC 500 can be found here



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