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Plus weather station is used to provide the data on this site.

The standard wireless weather station consists of a console which uses wireless communications to collect data from the anemometer, rain gauge, temperature and humidity sensors. The Plus version adds sensors for solar and UV radiation.

The photo shows the rain gauge and integrated sensor suite (ISS) in the background. In the default configuration, all of the sensors are mounted in or around the ISS. The white box on the side of the ISS is the wireless transmitter and solar power unit. The solar panel provides power to the ISS during daylight hours and charges an internal capacitor which is used to power the ISS at night. A non-rechargeable battery provides back-up power for the capacitor.

The white discs below the rain gauge bucket are the radiation shield for the temperature and humidity sensors, not shown in the photo is the daytime Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield (FARS) kit which adds a fan to the radiation shield. The solar powered fan is used to aspirate the radiation shield to give more accurate temperature readings when the ISS is in direct sunlight.

The anemometer is shown in the foreground, using the standard cable, the anemometer may be mounted up to 12 metres away from the ISS. In this installation, the anemometer is mounted remotely and connected to the console using another solar powered transmitter.

The console incorporates internal temperature, humidity and barometric pressure sensors.

An expansion port in the console allows the connection of an internal data logger PC running WeatherLink. Connection options are RS-232, USB and TCP/IP. Connection to this station is via WeatherLinkIP which provides local PC data logging facilities as well as automatic updates to the Davis Weatherlink internet site - click on the image to see data from this weather station.

The above is an overview of the VantagePro, the specifics of how the console provides data to this web site are described here.

The documents below have been downloaded from the Weather section Davis Instruments Website

Document Title Davis Part Number
WeatherLink Getting Started Guide 07395-210_GSG_06510_6555
Vantage Pro2 Console Manual 07395-234_IM_06312
Vantage Pro2 Quick Reference Guide 07395-235
Daytime Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield Installation Manual 07395-236_IM_07747
Vantage Pro2 Temp/Humidity Replacement Kit 07395-243_IM_06930
Integrated Sensor Suite Installation Manual 07395-249_IM_06152
UV and Solar Radiation Sensors For Vantage Pro/Pro2 07395-292
WeatherLink IP Specifications DS6555


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