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My name is Dave and I live in the suburbs of Aberdeen, Scotland. I am a Control Engineer in "real life" and given my location, you may not be surprised to find that I work in the Oil & Gas industry. I am bit of a technogeek, but also with a passion for "mature" technology - or as my wife would put it "old rubbish". These pages are a mishmash of various things of  interest to me, and very likely, few others.

 Under the headings at the top of the page, you'll find :-

Describes the various Automation systems that I have set up around my home, ranging from basic measurement of some physical properties such as temperature and humidity to simple status monitoring.
A grand title - but just a few retro computing items that I have available for sale
Should probably have been more correctly titled Retro Computers

Describes my introduction to computing through the early days of "home computers" of the 1980s, along with some other vintage products before the days of the PC.

An overview of my home network
Contains an overview of my photographic equipment and links to a small selection of my photographs.
Documents the various "tools" that I have at my disposal for working on my home automation and computing systems, including 'Scope, Logic Analyser, etc.
Describe various systems installed around my home which interface with the services provided by the utility companies.
An overview of the hardware used in my Weather Stations

This site is a "work-in-progress" and contains a range of material from completed to barely started. The quantity / quality of the various sections is a function of the amount of time that I have spent on them and my interest in the particular area.

You will find that the most comprehensive area on the site is dedicated the Memotech MTX series, an 8-bit (Z80A) based system from the mid '80s. I am particularly interested in this subject and hope to have created one of the most comprehensive repositories for Memotech MTX information on the internet - see if you agree by going straight to the Memotech MTX index page.

Comments / criticisms welcomed.

The pages here are subject to continual change, so :

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