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 Cookies? What are they?


Cookies are used by most websites, typically, a text file is stored on your computer when you visit the website. These files can be used by the website to deliver personalised content to the user. These cookie files are safe and do not contain any sensitive information.

Recent changes to EU Law have mandated that web site operators make users aware of its use of cookies and give them the option to reject them.

More information on the use of cookies and the law from the UK governments Information Commissioner's Office can be found here.

Cookies are used here to support "web analytics", that is, the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data so that I can understand and optimise the user experience on a web site. I used a third party analysis tool called StatCounter for this purpose. You can read about StatCounter Analytics and opt to disable the StatCounter cookie for this site (and all others using StatCounter) by going here.

However, please consider leaving this cookie enabled, it will help me better understand how this site is used and could be improved. In a similar vein, any other comments and criticism can be sent to me through the e-mail link at the bottom of the page.



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