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Electricity Overview

The UK has committed to increasing the proportion of its energy generated from renewable sources and in order to the encourage the implementation of small scale domestic installations, in 2010, the UK government introduced the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) scheme.

If you install an electricity-generating technology from a renewable or low-carbon source such as solar PV or wind turbine, the government's Feed-In Tariff scheme was intended to repay your investment through the FIT scheme to be administered by the electricity companies. At the outset, the FIT rates were very high, but were intended to reduce (for new applicants) as the technology became cheaper to install.

I installed a 7.4kW Solar PV system in early 2011 and, despite the less than glorious summer in 2011, have been pleased with the performance and projected pay-back of the system.

I have attached a real-time remote monitoring device to the system, the Sunny Webbox.

You can see the live data from my Solar PV System through the Webbox here.

A limited subset of the data from my system uploaded to the SMA Sunny Portal website are here.



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