Building the CFX ROM


Build 132

The source code is written for the latest version of Martin's "home-brew" assembler.
The assembler is available as an ARCFS archive (also available on the webpage)
The ARCFS archive will need a Raspberry Pi running RiscOS 5 or one or the older RiscOS systems to open and run.
The source code is all text files, but because of the file typing system used on RiscOS look a bit strange on the PC  

NB: Martin's assembler is something that he has developed for his own use over the course of some 25 years. It has not been officially "released" and probably never will be. Martin has made it available here for use by anyone who wants to build the CFX ROM from source.

You are permitted to download the program for personal use only. It must not be uploaded to other locations or otherwise redistributed and may not be used to develop or modify programs for commercial use.
Build 103

The source code is written for Martin's "home-brew" assembler.
It builds a the v12 duo rom.
CFXmain012 is the master file, it does 3 things  
1 Build a copy of the MTX ROMs, which the SDX needs to reference ROM routines.
     I could have just used fixed locations like the original SDX source does, However on the MTXplus+ ROM routines can move, and since this “borrows” the same source the original ROM is needed.  
2 Build the 62 column CPM ROM
3 Build the SDX ROM
     I use a “feature” of my assembler to only save out the binary of the CPM and SDX ROMs, for direct programming onto the flash ROM.