Building the CFX ROM


Build 132

The source code is written for the latest version of Martin's "home-brew" assembler.
The assembler is available as an ARCFS archive (also available on the webpage)
The ARCFS archive will need a Raspberry Pi running RiscOS 5 or one or the older RiscOS systems to open and run.
The source code is all text files, but because of the file typing system used on RiscOS look a bit strange on the PC  
Build 103

The source code is written for Martin's "home-brew" assembler.
It builds a the v12 duo rom.
CFXmain012 is the master file, it does 3 things  
1 Build a copy of the MTX ROMs, which the SDX needs to reference ROM routines.
     I could have just used fixed locations like the original SDX source does, However on the MTXplus+ ROM routines can move, and since this “borrows” the same source the original ROM is needed.  
2 Build the 62 column CPM ROM
3 Build the SDX ROM
     I use a “feature” of my assembler to only save out the binary of the CPM and SDX ROMs, for direct programming onto the flash ROM.